Hamid Ghanbari

Knock The Time

Klune Zaman (Knoch the Time) is a friendly group for practicing and maintaing previous experiences in the field of rhythm as well as finding a different point of view to the Persian percussion instruments.

Kutah (Short) and Parhaye Zemzemeh(Feathers of Murmur) are two albums arranged by cooperation of my always accomanying friends & artists and now, by continuing his way, Klune Zaman is facing a new horizon.

An effort to realise a new experience on changing the “ordinary formula” & breaking “traps of listening habits”. Obviously, the first step will be a temporary exit from common traditions in order to find negative & positive points of views with a new perspective besides to attempting for its development.

Up to now and in different persian music styles, function of melodic instruments, accompanied by percussion instruments, are considered as the main one. However, here and in this group, percussions play the main role and melodics will play a different assignment.

Needless to say that on the first steps of his exerience, “Klune Zaman” has no other way to apply for an association of common percussion pieces and already heard components nevertheless attemting to realise his actual mentalities more than ever.

Hamid Ghanbari