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The tombak, also known as tonbak or zarb, is an Iranian goblet drum and holds a significant place in Persian music. Let me share some details about this fascinating instrument: The tombak is a single-headed goblet drum approximately 18 inches in height, with a 28-centimeter diameter head. Its shell is carved from a single block of wood, often with intricate designs or patterns. In the following we talk about Tombak player in asia.

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The drumhead is made of sheepskin or goatskin, stretched and secured with glue or tacks. Tombak players position it diagonally across their torso, using one or more fingers and/or the palm(s) of their hand(s) on the drumhead. Metal finger rings are sometimes worn by players to create an extra-percussive “click” on the drum’s shell. Tombak virtuosi perform solos lasting ten minutes or more.

Unlike most other goblet drums, the techniques for playing the tombak are unique. Players produce contrasting timbres through varying finger placement or clacking a ring against the drum shell. The tombak’s pitch can be adjusted by heating, cooling, dampening, or drying the membrane. It is associated with the music of Iran and has become a virtuoso solo instrument thanks to pioneering artists. Innovators and Pioneers: Hossein Tehrani (1912–1974) is a renowned tombak player and a pioneer in 20th-century Persian music. His work expanded the instrument’s possibilities with added “beating methods.” Modern tombak players continue to explore and expand techniques, pushing the boundaries of this ancient drum.

Where did tonbak come from

The tonbak, also known as tombak or zarb, is a captivating Iranian goblet drum that has deep roots in Persian musical heritage. Let’s explore its origins: The tonbak originated in Persia (modern-day Iran). It is often considered the national instrument of Iran due to its historical and cultural significance. This single-headed, goblet-shaped drum has been an enduring symbol of Persian music.  The tonbak’s body is typically crafted from hardwood, such as walnut, mulberry, or apricot. Its unique shape resembles a goblet, with a single head stretched across the top.

The drumhead is usually made of sheepskin or goatskin, secured with glue or tacks. Tombak virtuosi perform mesmerizing solos lasting ten minutes or more. The techniques for playing the tonbak are distinct from most other goblet drums. Notably, Hossein Tehrani (1912–1974) pioneered the tonbak’s transformation into a virtuoso solo instrument during the 1950s. Modern tonbak players continue to expand the instrument’s expressive possibilities.

Hamid ghanbari Tombak player in asia

He can be a popular Tombak player in asia. He acquired playing the Tombak from Bahman Rajabi, a particularly experienced instructor, picked music as his school course of review and for quite a while some time later has shown percussion instruments. He is one of unprecedented craftsmen who gives a comparative thought to creation and execution as well as assessment and social event; His resume incorporates coordinated efforts with extraordinary performers like Shajarian and Alizadeh, support in global celebrations, a release of expert Eftetah’s transcribed works, the gathering of Zarb Ava, and a guidance book with ace Shajarian’s forewords.

He is the head of the percussion band Kolun-e Zaman (Thump the Time) and instructs at Tehran College’s school of Expressive arts. Hi known az Tombak player in asia. Dar Dam-e Rhythm, the central making of this band, was assigned as the best instrumental music assortment in Fajr live execution and moreover esteemed in China Silk Road festivity. Hamid Ghanbari is presently dealing with a book for music understudies in secondary schools: playing rythms and rhymes and Tombak. Subcontinental percussion is perhaps commonly consistently associated with instruments used in the business music and the diversion universes, like the tabla and the dhol. Notwithstanding, there are a great deal of less popular instruments that enthusiasts of percussion and polyrhythm may be keen on